look ma! no swear words! :D

I’m going see if i can get through this whole post without using a single explicative.

Well, i suppose in summary, to all i’ve said before, about the faux DJ’ing stuff. The pauly D’s the Paris Hiltons, the play pressers, it’s all part of this same point i’ve been trying to make i guess. EDM has turned into a massively marketed cruise ship, and it’s sinking fast. Not because of ll the passengers, but perhaps there are too many cooks in the kitchen.

I think i might have pissed off more people than i would have liked to in my previous posts and rants. A couple people come to mind, sure my heart broke a little when dave clarke chimed in on my “way too overstretched opinion on everyone and everything” … but i suppose it was a bit like carpet bombing. A few innocent bystanders are bound to get unintentionally hit.

Im a reasonable man, and i know what “controllerism” is. i also know that there are MANY groups and individuals out there who put in serious work and effort to bring a live or CREATIVE element into EDM performance. And if you didnt know that those people were exempt from my argument, then you need to get off the boat too.

Back to my first point, let’s look at this… today, EDM is as commercially viable as coca cola. And what ‘popular’ entity WOULDN’T want to cash in on that? Exactly why were starting to see reality stars and famous for nothing celebrities turn into overnight DJ’s, Majors signing ‘dance music oriented’ artists and producing major events, pre-exisiting pop artists and markets dabbling in the ‘EDM’ market to switch up the style using the same old pop business / marketing models… and this marriage of the two things is only going to make cash, move units, sell tickets and keep it ‘fresh’  coz its allll new to them, and theyre loving it. coz it fuckin works (for now).

All im trying to do, is put on my life jacket and swim as far away from this shipwreck as fast as i can. Because in all honesty, i just wanna be in the studio, making electronic music, and expressing myself by means of sitting in a comfy chair with my cat and my equipment… and of course, occaisionally strap on a foamy mau5head get on the road and press a few buttons for you guys ;)

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