me, my awareness, and my big mouth.

The world is and always has been a seemingly scary place. From cavemen too freaked out to go outside at night coz of that fuckin bear or tiger running around eatin shit, to politicians and public figures being very damn careful about the very words out of their mouths in order to keep themselves credible to some degree…

me?  im not much. im a musician in my 30’s with a privileged lifestyle in terms of most, less concerned therefore less knowledgeable about global issues unless they’re put directly in front of my face. But i am, just like anyone else on earth, awarded with personal views, whether i choose to express them is entirely up to me.

As a species, were pretty far from perfect. It seems our cultures are divided up into separate planets in some cases. We all have different systems of belief, which is what i think the big problem is. Not to say “oh well gee, the simple solution here is to just HEY lets all just get together, share the same beliefs and work at our problems as a single unit”  that’s not going to happen soon. Not in my lifetime i feel.

In fact, that might not even be the solution to anything for all i know. Online social media has done both some amazing and terrible things. Hell, i owe my own personal success to online social media… i really do. Im sure there are millions of more success stories to come of social media in the future as well… but, it’s an all encompassing giant, spanning across virtually every topic conceivable, not just “hey check this guy out”.  everything from “sup twitter im taking a shit”  to “Konys a big asshole” to “stop this privacy bill” … we can’t very well distrubute the weight of the entirety of social media on ONE issue or topic… but sometimes we do for some reason, which is the result of a “trend”.. Some trends benefit the personal success of a single entity, some draw attention to causes, and others let me know just how biebers hair is fuckin doin.

you obviously cant measure the actual “value” or “score” of a trend in terms of its nobility, value, priority, sometimes it seems all you can do is just follow the numbers.

If i had to interpret trends as “information” my view on the world would probably be, “oh okay, lets see here… Lady gaga is touring, syria is burning, snookis pregnant, lol, were all watching the grammys coz yeah, its the grammys, and oh theres some war criminal in Uganda exploiting children, and yeah, that makes me mad, so ill retweet that to get other people mad”

yeah, check me out crazy newsroom guy from the film “Network” … YOU HAVE TO GET MAD…. GOD DAMNIT, IM MAD AS HELL, AND IM NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE”

well YES… i do get a lot upset inside when war is waging in other lands, and im sitting here making music, or planning a tour. Seems the only thing i can do is just read up about a little more about it, maybe spread a little more “awareness”.  But to me “awareness” is a funny thing…

So there i was standing outside my house as it was burning down. To create awareness, i screamed out loud, i tweeted, i facebooked, “HOLY FUCK, EVERYONE… MY FUCKING HOUSE IS BURNING DOWN” everyone came over… and we were all very upset, we talked about it, we raised more awareness… yeah.. everyone was well aware that my shit was burning down. Then my fucking house burnt down.

What would have been awesome is if people brought a hose, or a bucket of water, or something that might subdue the flames.

So obviously, yes, creating awareness to global issues is a wonderful thing… but out of all that awareness, how much action is possible? obviously if it were a matter of simple math, say for every 10 people who knew about something then one person does something, then ergo, the more awareness the better…. but a funny thing happens with social media…. weve got awareness overload… what action can be taken across such different world views?  Im not debunking any particular cause or claim here… but i just feel like the world is so far separated in belief systems and cultures that we need to overcome QUITE a few more global conflicts and culture clash before we can globally solve a problem overnight.

I dont know, im nothing even close to a philanthropist, politician or nothing even NEAR an activist or even fucking EDUCATED for that matter. This isnt gospel. (thats another fuckin story right there) I just want to encourage more people to think for themselves more often… were all very apt at “spreading awareness” as a nation, a culture, WE HAVE THAT SHIT DOWN.  Let’s focus a little more on what kinds of peaceful resolve and positive action *insert grain of salt here* (according to our western values) can be taken to resolve a global issue. By asking the people claiming to be the “frontmen of the cause”  (which is no doubt, usually a noble cause) who are asking for money or attention, WHERE is this going, HOW is it getting there, WHERE is the data, WHO is doing the footwork, and most importantly what are the predicted results.

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